Ablution facilities worth N.dollars 100 000 donated to Twaloloka settlement

Namibian Ports Authority (Namport) donated an ablution facility worth N.dollars 100 000 to the community of Twaloloka informal settlement in Walvis Bay, after having donated 20 mobile toilets for use by the Twaloloka residents during the lockdown period.
Additionally, Namport will avail N.dollars 1 million for the provision of oxygen to health care facilities at Walvis Bay and Swakopmund.
At the unveiling ceremony of the ablution facilities on Wednesday, Namport’s Acting Chief Executive Officer Kavin Harry said that through discussions with the Office of the Erongo Region Governor, the Health Ministry, Municipality of Walvis Bay and the Erongo Community Care Initiative, Namport has identified the urgent need to avail oxygen to supply the beds which have been mobilized for the hospitalization and care of critical COVID-19 patients.
“We pleaded with the trustees of the Namport Social Investment Fund to help and we are pleased to report that we have secured N.dollars 1 million for disbursement towards the supply and fitment of oxygen and other urgent medical requirements to the COVID-19 facilities,” Harry said.
Erongo Governor Andre Neville-Itope noted that the consistent and reliable supply of oxygen at the health facilities is crucial, not only for COVID-19-related cases but other critical conditions the hospitals cater to.
The governor added that the Twaloloka settlement in Kuisebmond was in need of public ablution facilities in order to enhance the social distancing measures and improve sanitary conditions.
“The donation of an ablution facility complements the national efforts to provide all Namibians with sanitary living conditions,” he said.
The 20-foot container which was converted into an ablution facility contains three flushing toilets for males and three for females.
A representative of the Twaloloka settlement committee, Maria Tjiveze said she was pleased about the development and promised they would maintain the facilities.
“We used to relieve ourselves in the dunes but thanks to this ablution facility, it will be something of the past,” she said.