Capricorn Group launches Capricorn Foundation

The Capricorn Group has launched the Capricorn Foundation, a non-profit association that will serve as the group’s vehicle for its corporate social responsibility (CSR).
The financial services group in a media statement on Friday explained that this follows a thorough review of corporate social responsibility best practices and a number of stakeholder engagements over the past two years to find the best vehicle for the group’s CSR initiatives.
The main aim of the Capricorn Foundation is to act as a vehicle through which the Capricorn Group manages its corporate social responsibility activities by identifying or creating programmes, projects or organisations that need support from the foundation. By contributing to these programmes, projects or organisations, the foundation aims to make a positive impact on local communities within the foundation’s chosen key investment areas.
The statement further said the foundation will also solicit funds from other donor companies, individuals and organisations which share the vision, goals, and philosophy of the foundation.
Capricorn Group Chairperson Johan Swanepoel was quoted in the statement as saying that for the group and its subsidiaries, CSR refers to their group’s sense of responsibility towards the communities in which they operate and commitment to interrogating social concerns into their business.
“This sense of responsibility helps us to be socially accountable to ourselves and our stakeholders and to minimise any negative effects on society so that we make an overall positive impact,” Swanepoel said.
The Bank Windhoek Social Investment Fund has, since its establishment in 2001, been the main contributor to the group’s social investment.