CYMOT to introduce reusable plastic bags

CYMOT Namibia is set to introduce new re-useable carrier bags at all their branches nationwide.
In a statement issued on Wednesday, the company said it will introduce new carrier bags, wholly made from Namibian recycled material, in all of their branches nationwide to be sold at a cost of 50 cents each.
“The carrier bag is a thicker, stronger bag, which can be used more than once and can be recycled up to 10 times,” the statement reads.
CYMOT announced that this decision is made as a responsibility towards Namibia and its environment.
“Plastic as such is not the problem but rather the behaviours of us human with the use and treatment of plastics that has led to global plastic crisis,” the statement further reads.
The company said charging for plastic carrier bags has proven to increase awareness and promote a more conscious approach towards the usage of plastic bags.
The company further urged other Namibian companies to come on board with similar initiatives in order to protect the country and its environment.