Namsov Community Trust invests N$28 Million in community development

Namsov Fishing Enterprises (NFE), through the Namsov Community Trust (NCT), officially handed over the annual investment contribution of N$7 Million Namibian Dollars, towards the 14 regions of Namibia for community development projects.

In 2014, Namsov Community Trust embarked on a development programme in partnership with Namibia’s 14 regional governors ­and created the Governors’ Regional Development Programme. To date Namsov Community Trust has disbursed N$28 million towards the Governors Regional Development Program. This funding support has been divided over a 4-year period and spread equally across all 14 regions in Namibia.

The Governors’ Regional Development Programme is a grassroots support initiative in which Namsov Community Trust harnesses the power of partnerships, by working through the regional governors’ offices and their constituencies.

A project and technical committee who administrates the programme guide each regions intervention. This partnership allows us to identify the need and role of each region.

The purpose of the Governors’ Regional Development Programme is to encourage the regional structures to identify their own needs, prioritise them and intervene at their point of needs.  This in turns builds capacity for social and economic development in the regions of Namibia. It is no longer enough for us as an organisation to do charitable work, we need to empower our constituencies to be able to understand social responsibility and engage on it as daily way of life.

Highlighting the immense socio-economic impact that the fishing industry, including NFE, has had on the Namibian economy, NCT’s Chief Sustainability Officer, Ms. Tuna Willem, said the program is, “A good indication that stakeholders in the industry have the continuous capacity and willingness to build the Namibian communities through education, health and community development projects.”

Namsov Fishing Enterprises was established in 1990 with the primary purpose of localising and developing the midwater trawl industry in Namibia. Built on existing marine and commercial legislation, acts and regulations, Namsov Fishing Enterprises now employs over 640 people.

Since 1991, Namsov Fishing Enterprises contributed over N$101 million through its employee development programme, regional development programme and corporate social investment. This investment has and continues to change the lives of the Namibian people.