Ohorongo donates sunscreen to people with albinism

The Ohorongo Cement factory on Thursday donated
sunscreen lotion worth N.dollars 130 000 to the Department of Oncology in
the Ministry of Health and Social Services for distribution to people with

Speaking during the handover, Public Relations and Corporate Communication
Manager for Ohorongo, Esther Mbathera said Ohorongo is in the business of
cement manufacturing, but it does not ignore challenges facing the country.

“At Ohorongo we are cognizant of the fact that people with albinism face
challenges to access the best sunscreen lotions and this is a concern for
all of us,” Mbathera said.

One thousand five hundred tubes of Lavozon Sonnenmilch SPF50 sunscreen
lotion was already delivered to the ministry, and an additional 1 500 tubes
will be imported from Germany within a few months.

The lotion has a special ingredient that provides reliable protection for
the skin against the sun.

People with albinism were born with an absence of skin, eye and hair

Founder of Support in Namibia of Albinism Sufferers Requiring Assistance
(SINASRA) Foundation, Dr Peter Stoermer expressed gratitude to Ohorongo
Cement for their support in all health sectors.

He said Namibia per capita has the most albinos in the world.

Ohorongo, through its Ohorongo Otavi Community Trust (OOCT) which was
established in 2010, also donated sunscreen lotion to SINASRA in February

The OOCT targets various projects within sectors of education,
infrastructure development and health.

It has thus far invested over N.dollars 22 million in various corporate
social investment projects.