September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Spring is in the air because September is nearly there – and for the Cancer Association of Namibia (WO30) this means childhood cancer awareness month.

Yes, children get cancer too!

Childhood forms of cancer affect an average of 5 Namibian families every week as the news of a new diagnosis is communicated. And, during September our cancer registry department will share statistics, cancer types and information tips on childhood cancer – all in an attempt to help create awareness of the disease and hopefully to help prevent childhood mortality due to cancer.

We’ve also been busy with a big renovation project of the children’s cancer ward of Windhoek Central Hospital, partnering with amazing donors to execute this project of hope, and we will officially be “handing over” the ward back to the Ministry of Health and Social Services during the first week of September.

Take hands with the Cancer Association of Namibia and our CHICA (Children Fighting Cancer) programme by supporting the “Yellow Ribbon Run” on Saturday, 4 September 2021 in Windhoek.