The Afrox Leadership academy’s second year intake is announced

This year, the academy will be hosting Twenty-Five (25) students from five high schools in the Khomas region. The schools are Chairman Mao Zedong Secondary School, Concordia College, Delta Secondary School, Hage Geingob Secondary School and Windhoek High School.

The following are the 25 students for the 2019 academy: Chairman Mao Zedong Secondary School – Adeleke Kaloia (17 years old), Ailly Nuuyoma (16 years old), Joakina Endunde (16 years old), Raymond Semango (16 years old) and Silva Lopes (17 years old). Concordia College – Hans Mwiiyale (16 years old), Cristo Eduardo (16 years old), Eva-Rakel Johannes (16 years old), Ileni Ngenomesho (16 years old), Jonathan van der Westhuizen (16 years old) and Unovandu Tjavara (16 years old). Delta Secondary School – Ama Geingos (16 years old), Jemimah Ndebele (16 years old), Patji Tjiroze (16 years old) and Tanyaradzwa Master (15 years old). Hage Geingob Secondary School – Amukoshi Festus (16 years old), Hilde Haipinge (16 years old), Junias Frans (16 years old), Victoria Mathias (16 years old) & Tuyeni Akwaake (16 years old). Windhoek High School – Christine Mukumbi (16 years old), Jana Hein (16 years old), Nadia Horn (16 years old), Richard von Schultz (16 years old) and Suzie van Zyl (16 years old).

In an effort to build capacity to eventually take the academy to all regions of the country, the 2019 selection will still only consist of schools from Windhoek, albeit on a larger scale. The intake was increased by 56% and an additional two schools were added to 2019’s academy.

As with the inaugural selection, the assistance of the school Principals and Life Skills teachers was instrumental. 25 participants were selected from over 60 applicants from the five schools. The selected students went through a rigorous selection process in which each of them had to write a motivation letter to the selection committee describing why they wanted to take part in the academy. They also had to provide an endorsement letter from their school Life Skills teacher supporting their application, and attend a one-onone interview with the programme coordinators as part of the final selection process.

Speaking at the event, the Director of Education for Khomas Region, Mr. Gerard Vries, reminded the students that what they take out of the programme is based on the choices they make now and during the Afrox Leadership Academy. He further commended Afrox Namibia for their very different contribution made towards developing young leadership. Mr Vries likened the programme to one of social change, saying “The Afrox Leadership Academy is an important contribution towards the project of social change and in mentoring not just young leaders but also altering thinking systems and better equipping learners to make informed decisions essential for future success”.

The academy programme will cover a broad range of topics such as; purpose, decision making, career guidance, basic etiquette, project management, presentation skills and many more subjects which will fit various interests, while still providing a solid foundation on the principles of leadership and self-governance. The sessions will be a mixture of lectures, professional one-on-one mentorship, site visits and community service. The academy will cover a period of six months with a one week Leadership Training course which will provide opportunities for further interaction and teamwork.

It is well documented that building leadership at a young age, encourages responsibility, develops a positive mind set, and organisational skills, which eventually allows the learner to become a more responsible and engaged citizen. “Instead of only granting bursaries, which we believe is very necessary, we opted to develop a skill that at present is mastered too late in life”, says Mr. Eckhardt Vorster, Managing Director of Afrox Namibia. “We designed a programme that would help young people realise a new world of possibilities and provide them with the tools they need to achieve their dreams”, Mr. Vorster added.

In addition, the Managing Director of Afrox Namibia also launched the Afrox Leadership Academy, Alumni. Mr Vorster announced the Alumni programme, saying “past students will continue their leadership journey with the support of Afrox while they contribute to the development journey of the current and future intakes.

Following this launch, on the 3rd of May, 2019, the selected participants will travel to the Rock Lodge training center in Okahandja for a one week leadership training camp. Subsequent to this camp, between May and October, all the participants will be required to get involved either in an already existing community project of their choosing, or operationalise their own projects, giving regular feedback to their mentors.

The academy will culminate in a graduation ceremony to be held in early November, where the participants will share their experiences of the Afrox Leadership Academy and where some will present the results of their community projects.