NamAuto Show Launched on nbc1

The NamAuto (Television) Show, which is driven by Standard Bank Namibia, is a locally produced car magazine show that premiered on Wednesday, 07 February 2018 on nbc1.

All future episodes will also be broadcasted Wednesdays at 19:30 on nbc1.

As part of the strategic goal to become a multimedia broadcaster of choice by 2020 and in a response to the SADC regional call to produce more local content, the national broadcaster also vowed to dedicate its effort and resources into local content production to stimulate the local film industry.

With 15 episodes of season one already produced, the NamAuto show is a bonus to current nbc viewers and is set to attract more viewers. The show will provide advertising opportunities to businesses to advertise their products and service offerings in the local motor market. “We have tailor-made packages suitable for all our clients and therefore would like to openly invite business will all businesses operating in the local motor industry, including insurance companies. Our aim is to maximize efforts that will drive the sales for our clients and sponsors by ensuring that they get value for their money through quality content production and advertising” remarked nbc New Business & Research Manager, Nico Mwiya.

NamAuto Show will preview local car dealers, accessory shops, tyre companies and a wide variety of other motor related companies in Namibia. The show will also profile events, motor sports, and product launches. In relation to the viewers the show will create excitement as it will also feature interviews with local Namibians. “Me & My Car” forms part of the program, a segment which will feature Namibian personalities with their cars.

nbc Director General, Stanley B. Similio stated at the launch: “The nbc pursues content that provides commercial value to both viewers and businesses therefore it is imperative that we focus on content that adds value to our clientele. We have observed the needs of our clients through research and we will ensure that all the gaps are covered by delivering material according to the needs of our viewers and client expectations.”

In conclusion, he added that the NamAuto show is another testimony that our local film and content production industry is capable of producing world class content if well capacitated. We call on companies to redirect their social investment strategies and invest in local content production to stimulate growth in the industry.