Old Mutual supports various community projects to the tune of N$63 000

As a responsible business, Old Mutual believes in supporting the community it operates in. In the last two quarters of 2021, Old Mutual Executives supported various community project initiatives to the tune of N$63 000 in line with its purpose to champion mutually positive futures every day.

Amongst some of the supported community initiatives is the University of Namibia (UNAM) Foundation which hosted a Chancellor’s Charity Golf Day and used the proceeds from the event to contribute to their student assistance fund. Similarly, financial assistance was also given to Sakeus Amunyela, an International University of Management underprivileged student. By settling his outstanding tuition fees, Amunyela was able to write his final exams and graduate.

Equally Old Mutual supported the kindergarten in Groot Aub through sourcing building material to construct a classroom, which speaks to Old Mutual’s desire to assist Early Childhood Development Centres. Also, one of the community initiatives supported was the supply of paint to a community gathering facility that hosts over 2000 members in Windhoek. Further support was given to the Innergirl foundation in Windhoek through the procurement of sanitary pads as well as in-kind donations.