NFCPT provides affordable fish products to Katima Mulilo

The Namibia Fish Consumption Promotion Trust (NFCPT) has committed to provide affordable fish products to Katima Mulilo through a new Fish Shop opened on Friday.

Speaking at the inauguration of the Fish Shop, NFCPT Board of Trustees chairperson, Suzan Ndjaleka, said that the opening of the retail outlet is an effort to increase fish consumption levels cross Namibia as well as to address nutrition, food security and poverty in some communities, adding that this is particularly compulsory at a time when the country faces drought.

“Through established smart partnerships with industry partners in the fisheries sector, the Trust has been able to provide fish products such as Angel Fish, Reds Dentex, Jacopever, John Dory, Snoek and canned pilchards in addition to Horse Mackerel and Hake that are stocked in our fish shops. 

These fish products are sold below market related prices, to ensure affordability,” she said.

Ndjaleka added the NFCPT has made it its reputation to establish a retail presence at grass root level throughout the country.