Namibia Breast Milk Bank receives N. dollars 120 000 donation

The Namibia Breast Milk Bank (NBMB) recently received 2500 feeding bottles valued at N.dollars 120 000 from the Ohlthaver & List (O&L) Group.

According to a media statement issued to Nampa on Thursday, the bottles donated to the NBMB are aimed at creating a future and enhancing life.

“Natural breast milk is far healthier for babies than the formula milk, and contributes significantly to their physical and mental development,” said Birgit Mayer, NBMB’s spokesperson.

“We are truly grateful for the O&L group. The donation of the feeding bottles makes a big difference and will go a long way on the journey of the breast milk bank,” Mayer said.

O&L Group Manager, Patricia Hoeksema, said they became involved with the breast milk bank in mid-2018, covering administrative costs such as rent, laboratory expenses, and other expenses in the collection, storing, pasteurization and dissemination of milk.

“O&L has always been passionate about children, and the role the breast milk bank plays in society speaks directly to the O&L purpose,” Hoeksema said.