TransNamib Announces Launch of New Brand

TransNamib Holdings Ltd, is pleased to announce the launch of a new corporate brand identity and tagline. Our refreshed new look mirrors the exciting and engaging direction we are taking our products, services and company.

As part of its Integrated Strategic Business Plan, its brand identity was the optimal decision. The reputation and equity built under its previous identity is a valuable asset, but no longer accurately reflects the organization’s strategic and expansive direction going forward. The new brand effectively addresses the strategic objectives of the company aimed at better leveraging its business potential, capitalising on market opportunities and enhancing stakeholder engagement.

In all, the new branding embodies an organization that is reinventing itself, but is still very committed to its mandate. The new identity builds upon its history of rail experience as well as opens doors to the future.

As part of this brand message, the Chief Executive Officer, Johny Smith explained that the new brand image for the company was developed in-house over the past few months and approved by the board recently.  The new slogan “Rail It” which complements the new logo replaces the previous slogan “Transporting Namibia’s Success. The new brand complements its road to rail strategy, which is currently underway. Hence, an opportune time to embark on a new foundation and a beginning of a new era.

While it is acknowledged that the equity built under its previous identity represented former subsidiaries of road, rail, air and ports, this is no longer relevant to its current and future business strategy.  All the aforementioned business units are fully fledged State Owned Enterprises for several years now. It was however unanimously agreed that the name TransNamib should be retained as is.

The re-branding exercise is part of the process of culture change. Driving culture change in any   company is an enormous task, but, at least we have started.  The roll-out of the new corporate identity and brand as well as the culture change programme will be implemented in phases over the next five year period.

The Chairperson Advocate Sigrid Tjijorokisa, highlighted that “the brand that we are unveiling tonight is speaking to our new Vision to be “The preferred bulk transporter of Namibia” as well our Mission “To ensure world class railway services and generate return on investment for our shareholder.”

She mentioned that the Board embraces and supports change, and added that it would continue to operate at a strategic level.  The Board will support the CEO with the unpacking and implementation of the Strategic Business Plan at the tactical and operational levels. “The new brand is a strong commercial signal that will give our stakeholders strong confidence to interact and do business with us. Therefore we should remain relevant and contemporary. The new brand is the way to go.”

Honourable John Mutorwa, Minister of Works and Transport in his address, expressed his appreciation to the audience and said that “I am humbled by the interest you have shown in walking together with us by accepting TransNamib’s invitation.

He briefly recounted how on 7 February 2019, he delivered a speech at the Official Inauguration of TransNamib’s Board and the launch on its Integrated Strategic Business Plan (ISBP). The ISBP fittingly identifies its key objective as: to position TransNamib as a profitable and sustainable company. “My duty today is not to articulate the contents of this plan. That role is left in the capable hands of the CEO, Mr. Johny Smith”.

The Hon. Minister Mutorwa expressed his satisfaction with the fact that “TransNamib has realigned, to focus on the road-to-rail strategy, as part of its strategic business plan.  He added that the rebranding of TransNamib is not only going to restore its image, but must be accepted and appreciated as an opportunity of hope to especially, the customers of a more reliable and efficient service, in line with the Company’s strategic business plan.

The Board, Management and the Ministry are working together, tirelessly, to ensure that we are focusing all the time, on business, to ensure that the Company brings about the required growth in the volumes and the much needed revenue! And now, tonight we are launching the new Brand for the Company”.

In her vote of thanks, Deputy Chair, Ms. Gaenor Michaels commended the audience,  consisting of staff,  political office bearers, captains of industry, customers, media, invited guest and her fellow board members for witnessing the unveiling of the new  brand and celebrating the  innovative progress.

In closing Ms. Gaynor Michaels stated that “as you are rightfully aware, all our old brands have exceeded their lifespan just like our rolling stock, most of which are 50 years old. I thank the Brand Project team for their hard work, in particular Mr. Deon Villas, our Senior Graphics Designer who with vested talent worked together with Mr. Smith and Mr. Tjivikua to ensure that the new brand meets international standards and ensuring all requirements of the brand were made water-tight to deliver this new and unique image.

The Government, as shareholder, will continue to support the efforts of the company in this regard.