Standard Bank rewards customers with free access to VIP Airport lounges

Standard Bank Namibia together with partner MasterCard on Thursday launched the Lounge Key programme, which allows the bank’s Private Banking and Prestige Banking customers, free access to 850 VIP lounges at international airports across the world, including Eros Airport.

For decades, Namibians associate a MasterCard with Standard Bank. MasterCard have been a trusted partner for thousands of Standard Bank customers when traveling whether for work or pleasure, or even when making everyday purchases.

‘’We haven’t changed much to a winning recipe for the last couple of years, but awakened to the fact that our customers need more than just a Card to pay with. This is the reason why we have developed, together with our partners MasterCard, lounge access for our Prestige and Private Bank customers through the Lounge Key program’’, states Hendrik Du Plessis, Head of Cards at Standard Bank Namibia.

Through the Lounge Key programme, Standard Bank customers can now enjoy access to 850 VIP lounges in Dubai, Europe, Across Africa and many others across the world.

“We are super excited to share this news with our customers and is a way for us to express that we are more than bank that looks at ways to improve our customers’ lifestyles.

To gain entry into the VIP lounges, Standard Bank customers simply need to present their identification along with their Standard Bank Prestige Credit Card or Private Bank MasterCard.

“Clients can conveniently download the Lounge Key app on their smartphones to stay up to date in terms of lounge availability at airports, specific terms that might apply to certain lounges, for example, whether they allow kids and how many guests are allowed for each Lounge Key member, etc. Sign up today to become a Prestige client or Private Banking client by calling our contact centre”.

Du Plessis also announced that Standard Bank managed to secure the VIP lounge at Eros Airport for the exclusive comfort of the bank’s Prestige and Private Bank clients.

“If you fly through Eros airport, you can get access to the VIP area upstairs at sky lounge with free, wifi, drinks and snacks included. This is exclusively for Standard Banks’ clients only,” Mengo added.

“Our clients are welcome to relax here and enjoy complimentary drinks and snacks before they depart on a domestic or regional flight.

“Be assured that this is only the beginning of more value we intent bringing to our clients, and a special way in which we at Standard Bank want to show our appreciation of their loyalty,” he said.