Deputy Minister of Information and Communication Technology, Engelbrecht Nawatiseb launched Focus Telecommunication, an internet services provider (ISP) here.

Speaking at the launch, Nawatiseb said Focus Telecommunication, which is fully Namibian-owned, recently received its license from the Communications Regulatory Authority of Namibia.

He further noted that as part of the launch, the ISP donated free wireless internet (WiFi) to the Maxuilili Clinic in Okahandja park informal settlement in Windhoek, which will link its database to the Katutura and Central Intermediate Hospitals.

“Maxuilili Clinic could significantly benefit from the launch of Focus Telecommunication, which has donated WiFi, providing the community with quality communication systems and access to vital information which could improve the living standards of the local people,” said Nawatiseb.

He added that these would lead to a reduction in poverty, improved education, improved health services, good environmental sustainability, job creation and opportunities, which may bring about projects that could boost the livelihoods of the Okahandja Park residents.

Focus Telecommunication Co-founder Elifas Haimbondi, at the same occasion said the new Wi-Fi will enable patients from the Maxuilili Clinic to be transferred to the two state hospitals without them needing to carry a ‘medical passport’ as their records would automatically be accessible on an online database.

The clinic’s representative, Dr John Kalendji, stated that before this free WiFi, collecting patient data or files from different hospitals’

databases was an endless process of writing emails and making phone calls requesting for patient files.

“We would have patients waiting for treatment but could not be treated because we did have their files.

“This has been a life changing development for the clinic as it allows for a smooth follow of operations in the day to day life at the clinic,”

Kalendji added.