ENERCON Namibia donates IT equipment to NamPol

ENERCON Namibia on Monday donated IT equipment to the Namibian Police Force (NamPol) in honour of their efforts in combating crime.

The equipment donated is intended for the Serious Crimes Investigation Sub – Division and the Onanke Police Station in the Oshikoto Region.

NamPol Major General, Anne-Marie Nainda, the Deputy Inspector General for Administration said the equipment donated to Serious Crimes Investigation

Sub- Division includes a laptop computer, a heavy duty printer, scanner, fax machine, five boxes of printing paper and a portable internet device.

The maintenance plan for the printer, scanner and fax machine has been fully paid for over a one year period and the portable internet device also comes with unlimited data, valid for the same period.

Nainda also mentioned that the Onanke Police Station donation includes a multipurpose photocopier machine with a printer, fax and scanner, a computer, five boxes of printing paper and a portable internet device with unlimited data for a period of one year.

“Your efforts and generosity towards the NamPol in supplementing its efforts to combat crime will certainly not go unnoticed,” Nainda said.

Nainda said this donations could not have come at a better time, considering the country’s economic situation.

Nainda further added that this assistance will make a meaningful contribution towards improving service delivery, especially in some sophisticated crimes which require the use of internet and modern devices to solve.

“The Namibian Police Force cannot execute its mandates in isolation but with the support from our business communities, all abiding citizens, offices, ministries and agencies, we will emerge victorious in this cause.”

Nainda ensured the management of ENERCON Namibia that the NamPol will take good care of the equipment and utilise it for their intended purposes.

ENERCON Namibia (PTY) Ltd Chairman, Peter Elindi said NamPol needs modern tools to combat serious crime as technology is rapidly changing.