Tips on how to manage your water consumption

Manage your water consumption

Weekly or daily water meters are are essential to verify the water consumption. It is in the consumer’s interest to manage the water consumption, to be within acceptable water consumption parameters.

To be a caring citizen of Windhoek, we need tomanage the water consumption by:

  1. Know your normal consumption.
  2. See how water saving efforts reduces the consumption.
  3. Evaluate the benefit of water efficient equipment.
  4. Identify leaks early and avoid surprise accounts.

Unmanaged water leak consumes more water than you can save throughout a year. Be a caring citizen and manage water, this may save Windhoek from experiencing a serious water shortage.

Verify a leak by monitoring the water meter during a time when no water is consumed, over a period of at least 5 to 10 minutes. If the water meter continues to run, you may have a serious water leak consumption. Small leaks can be detected over one to six hours.

To locate high consumption in case of no leak: Take three to four readings during the day and note all water consumption activities during the appropriate period. Continue with the process throughout the 7 day week. This would identify the activity with the high consumption. Implement actions to reduce the consumption or consider investing in water efficient equipment.

Close your water supply at the meter when you leave the premises unattended for more than 24 hours.