2018 City of Windhoek disaster risk management schools initiative

The Disaster Risk Management Division is responsible for preparing residents of the City for any emergency or disaster situation by implementing disaster risk reduction activities aimed at building the resilience of communities within the municipal jurisdiction. Windhoek is mainly prone to fires, flash flooding as well as transportation accidents.
The aim of the initiative is to ensure that schools are better prepared for emergencies and / or disasters that may affect them at any given time. The initiative is focusing on assisting schools to set up Emergency Preparedness Plans and raise awareness on Disaster Risk Management discipline, provision of basic training on the use of fire extinguishers, demarcation of assembly sites, designing of floor plans, carrying out emergency drills and conducting a quiz for participating schools. The Disaster Risk Management Schools Initiative was introduced by the Division in 2004 and scaled up in 2012 and will continue until all schools within the jurisdiction of Windhoek Municipality have participated.
To date, 90% of schools in Windhoek have participated in this initiative.
For 2018, the following Primary and Secondary schools will compete in the Quiz:

Primary Schools
1. Abraham Iyambo primary School
2. Monte Cresto Primary School
3. Dorado Private School
4. Windhoek Central Primary School
5. Highland Christian School
6. Sunshine Private School
7. Deutsche Primary School
8. Constania Private School
9. Progress Private School

Secondary schools
1. Highland Christian School
2. Deutsche High School
3. Havana Project Jr Secondary
4. Westmont High School
5. Khomas High School
6. Chairman Mao Zedong High School
7. Mount – View Secondary

Details for the 2018 schools quiz are as follows:
Venue: Khomasdal Community Hall
Date: 13 July 2018
Time: 11:00
Interested Schools that want to participate in the initiative in 2018 may contact:
Department of Community Services
Disaster Risk Management Division
Telephone: 061 290 2748/3684
Email: ngp@windhoekcc.org.na/