The list of beneficiaries published in yesterday’s New Era newspaper again shows everything that is wrong with government’s present resettlement plan. It says to us, the poor, loudly and clearly that the only criteria for resettlement is rank favouratism and political connection. The list also answers why the government is coy -or is it ashamed – to publish the full and complete list of beneficiaries of resettlement to date.

What such a list will reveal is that only those who are politically connected have benefited from this scheme in the same manner that the fishing rights concessions have recently revealed. This SWAPO Government ha decided to take our patience as a licence to rob our people blind. The time of reckoning, however, may soon be here for this government and those who feeds on its corruption and ‘don’t care’ attidude.

Our people will not forever sit back and wait docilely why the politically connected dole out the wealth of the country while the poor must queque up for scraps at the Harambee food bank.

Our people need a government NOW which looks after their needs and not one which administers the multiple privileges of the elite.